Saturday, March 10, 2007

Never lose hope!

I'm doing fine right now. Trying to get some things done while I can. Finished the anti-biotics and they really helped a bunch.


Anonymous said...

i hope that one day very soon some one finds a cure for this and stop the suffering

Anonymous said...

How was your Mastocytosis diagnosed?
Have you had a bone biopsy? Is your urine histamine level high? Do you have elevated blood tryptase?

BlueKat said...

Amen, anonymous one.

I was clinically diagnosed by and internist and an alergist only a week or two before I lost my insurance. It was based on my symptoms and my response to medication. None of us knew what tests could be done nor who would be qualified to do the tests in our area, nor could we find out before I was left uninsured and unable to afford further tests. I had previously been tested for heart, COPD, specific allergies, and anything else various specialists could devise. You can read the whole story in the sidebar and in the first couple of entries of the blog.