Thursday, May 24, 2007

Still hangin' on

To my internet connection, at least for now. Trying to get to a point where I can sell some of my stuff on ebay. I have lots of stuff. Way too much stuff.

Still waiting to hear back from NIH. My doc mailed the referral letter almost two weeks ago, so not time to start worrying yet. Waiting on Social Security. Waiting on long term disability. Waiting, waiting, and running out of money fast. Running out of time to catch up on my mortgage payments.

Waiting and running out of time and money.

I have the rashes and itching to keep me occupied. It's gone into overdrive. And I dare not use the corticosteroid to tamp it down since I know the doctors will want to see them in their full and festering glory.

I'm trying to keep a good perspective and not devolve into a depressed, overwrought heap but I'm out of all of my anti-depressants except for the affordable doxepin. I have an appointment with a free clinic on the 31st and they will provide meds, so I'm hangin' on until then.

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Piia said...

Hi Bluecat!

I keep my fingers and all other things crossed for u!!
Damn that sounds a really shitt ysituation.. not to use anything against itching, so the rashes are really bad when evaluated....*hugs*

About me, I went to the doctor, but she just handeled my fever part, which has been away for three weeks. Damnation i was angry.. i still kinly..said that probably i would have called of that time if i'd known this time was JUST for that issue... so they are now passing me to the hematologic side. I start working on the ER next week and i will go there to ask for the time FAST, because i am so frustrated for waiting to know, what of these possible conditions i might have... I was so sad, cause i've been waiting this day so long.. although we have free healthcare, it doesn't meen that the lines are short..

Heres my email, if you want to write or chat in messenger sometimes.

Take care!!!