Monday, February 12, 2007

Me. Lately,


AL said...

Hi there,

Interesting to read your blog. I think my fiance has mastocytosis. Would be good to swap stories.


AL said...

So now that I know this blog works, I'll add some more comments.

As it turns out I am medical scientist specialising in immunology and have taken more than a passing interest in my partners condition. It is yet to be formally diagnosed, but we are in that process now with specialists - and I am sure I already know the answer.

She has the following symptoms:

gastrointestinal upsets
urticaria (hives)
tachychardia (racing heart)
hot flushes
anemia (probably due to maladsorption through the gut)
bone aches

I think she first got symptoms as a teenager, although it appears worse in the past few years in her early 30s.

With anti-histamines (which depending on the type are a largely benign drug in my view) we have been able to manage it much better. However, I am now looking at other drugs like histamine stabilizers. One such is Cromolyn (oral) which I am particularly interested in.

Take care and hope it is under management at the moment.


BlueKat said...

So sorry to hear about your fiance, Al. Please keep us posted on how things are going.

BlueKat said...

Oh, and by the way, if you'd like to post directly to the blog, just let me know at

Or, you can email me anything you'd like for me to post for you at the same address. I have another reader whose story I will be posting in such a way very soon.