Thursday, February 15, 2007

Perking up

I'm coming out of a bad spell with my tummy and massive fatigue. Feeling better today and will try to pick up with some posts in the next while.

I want to add a list of medications commonly prescribed, as I see that a lot of people find the site on just such a search. Of course, only your doctor can know what will be best for you, and it will be with this caution that I'll list H1 blockers, H2 blockers, etc. I advise all to look to the very bottom of this blog for the info sheet from The Mastocytosis Society.

The Mastocytosis Society has accepted me as a member under their Angel program, for which I am very grateful. They seem to be a great group of people and I encourage everyone visiting this blog to go there first in their search for info.

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AL said...

Thanks for the reply BlueKat. Coincidentally I requested a membership form from TMS yesterday. We will join up soon.

My partner is now recovering after a bad couple of days of intense fatigue, including a day and half off work. She has been diagnosed with quite severe anemia. This is something I am certain is secondary to mastocytosis, and the gp is reasonably receptive to the notion, having referred her to a professor in immunology. Although he still feels that we need to resolve the underlying iron deficiency which is fair enough.

I'm quite hopeful that as we resolve the iron deficiency and deal with the anemia that her fatigue will drop less. We are now going to daily (but half dose) anti-histamines which is keeping her GI under control, and with that I think the adsorption of iron should improve. She is doing daily iron tablets and orange juice to increase adsorption. We are also preparing alot of red meat and spinach in her diets.

She was complaining about the "Fog" you talk about in your earlier notes. I have a feeling in her case this could be largely the anemia, with less (and smaller) red blood cells getting to the brain. She had microcystitis (small red blood cells) diagnosed as well, which is symptomatic of very low iron.

Can I ask, do you also have anemia?

Hope you are having a better day. We seem to be improving right now.